Lowering the Cost of Healthcare with Affordable Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic manufacturing has come a long way in recent decades. New technologies have allowed companies to build Printed Circuit Board Assembly and wiring harnesses cheaper and more quickly. This has lead to great strides in lowering the cost of medical equipment like ultrasounds and MRI machines which in turn can help lower the cost of healthcare. Following are just a few ways that affordable electronic manufacturing can lower the cost of healthcare:

Computer and Network Systems – Medical practices and hospitals make use of computers and networking systems just about every minute of the day. As more and more medical records move online the importance of networking systems grows. Lowering the costs of printed circuit boards used in the servers that drive these systems can help control costs at hospitals and even small medical practices. These savings can be passed on to patients. It’s not just the guts of computer systems that have undergone an update in manufacturing techniques, wiring harness are benefiting from new technologies as well. Lower overhead costs and the ability to easily share records among healthcare providers will drive costs lower.

Medical Equipment – Computers and networking equipment are not the only machines to benefit from lower Electronic Manufacturing Services costs. Ultrasound machines, MRIs and even something as simple as a blood pressure machine make use of printed circuit boards and other electronic components. As the cost of these machines drop, that cost savings can be passed on to patients and insurance companies. Increasing the quality of the internal components while lowering costs makes used equipment more attractive as well. As these machines function longer the need to replace them disappears, creating additional cost savings.

Improved Technology – As electronic components become cheaper they are also making leaps and bounds in technology. Improved imaging technology often means that a hospital or medical practice can get the images they need using an ultrasound instead of the more expensive MRI. Getting quality results using equipment that cost less will lower the cost of healthcare for both insurers as well patients. As the cost of technology drops new machines and techniques can be developed and implemented which can further lower the cost of healthcare.

Long Distance Medicine – Keeping in touch with patients, reminding them of appointments and immunizations can help them stay healthy which keeps them out

of the office, lowering the yearly cost of their healthcare. Educating patients on healthy living choices and monitoring existing medical conditions can all be done through the use of technology, and all of these computers have printed circuit boards and other electronic components. Lowering the costs of electronic manufacturing is intensely linked to the cost of healthcare.

While it many not seem like it, the cost of electronic manufacturing is directly linked to the cost of healthcare, improvements in technology and lowering the costs of printed circuit boards will lower the costs of medical treatments. Technology is at the heart of healthcare these days and improvements in cost and manufacturing improvements will directly affect rates that patients and insurers pay for healthcare.

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